Pending H1B, Conversion to F1

My Name is Isha, I have applied H1B 2021 while I have already joined University Masters course under H4 category. I have completed one semester. My initial plan was to convert to F1 from Fall 2020 classes meanwhile I found employment and applied H1. But I understand H1B process takes many months to process, even if i upgrade to Premium there is no guarantee that decision will come(as RFE is possible). My husband is maxing out in Oct 2021. I would like to get into H1 or Opt before that. Given the situation now, What happens if i apply for F1 now and H1B gets approved after I change to F1? If my H1B gets approved and F1 approves later, Is there any chance I can do H1 transfer(to switch from F1 to H1) or should I go through COS only? Give me the best possible way out of this. Thanks in Advance.

if you do not plan to travel out, it is only COS option.
F1 COS takes a very long time…If your H1B is picked in lottery, you should be able to get H1B approved by premium processing before October as COS.
You should withdraw your F1 COS as soon as you have H1B approved. You need to discuss with your attorney and carefully plan the timing of all these.