Paystubs from sister company. Visa Interview in Dec. Any advice?


       My H1B was approved last year and just last month I noticed that I was receiving paystubs from the sister company. So basically my visa was approved for XYZ.america but paystub has company name as

Both XYZ.america and have same address but they do have different EIN. My attorney asked the HR to change my payroll immediately to XYZ.america and they did. Now I am receiving paystub from XYZ.america which matches my I-797. But because of this miscommunication, I will be now receiving two W2 for the year 2015.

Meanwhile I am transferring my H1B to a new company and then planning for Visa Stamping in December. Do you think the Visa Officer will question about the issue of paystubs with my previous company?

Do you have any advice on how to move forward safely on this matter?

I dont think it really harms you… as both XYZ and XYZ.US are sister companies. In case if they raise any questions, you can say that when i moved to US, my payroll started running from the sister company and later on they moved me to previous one…some thing like that.