Paystubs are mandatory for h4 visa interview?

I am in usa and waiting for my h1 approval. Once if my h1 is approved I am planning to bring my wife & son immediately.

Is it mandatory for my wife (H4 visa interview in india ) to carry 3 months pay stubs? If she doesnt carry pay slips for visa interview what are the chances of getting visa approval? (or) i need to wait until i work for 3 months and send her payslips for interview.

Please reply me your suggestions. Thanks!

Its advisable to carry with them. If you join with any consultancy or company recently where you dont have even single pay stub, inform to your spouse and ask her to tell the same during interview time in case if they asks(but chances are very less), you have joined recently like that.

Its not at all a problem. so need not worry much just because of this. You can schedule an interview as soon as you can once your petition is approved.

Thank you very much jathin for your advice.