Passport returned without stamping or denial letter from pickup location


My passport was returned at pickup without stamping or denial letter. If its denied I need the denial letter to reapply. What can I do?


Was it a dropbox application? What did the online status show as far as your visa application? Did it ever show your visa approved?
You can contact VFS if the status was approved but passport returned without stamping. You may also email the consulate that processed your application.

It was dropbox then I was asked to come to consulate. It has been refused state since then. There is no denial status in that online portal. I’ve tried contacting VFS through No update from them so far, its been 5 days. I haven’t email the consulate directly. They never reply to those emails as per my knowledge. My visa was processed at hyderabad consulate. If there is any definite way to contact the consulate or VFS representative, please let me know.

Did you appear for the walk-in interview?

Yes. It was a walk in interview.

What did the CO say after the interview? Did they say your visa has been approved? It may take 2 to 3 weeks for visa processing based on backlog for the specific consulate.