Passport retained with no 221g slip

Hello Everyone,

My case at Mumbai Consulate:

August 13th - Dropped my passport and other needed docs at the visa application center

August 14th - Visa status changed to " Administrative Processing"

August 16th - Got an email that my passport is ready for pickup.

August 19th – After I received the Passport there was 221g green slip in that and it was marked that I need to appear for an interview.

August 20th – I went for Interview. The very first thing Visa officer told me he is not able to verify my Master’s degree. Then he asked me what you do and your Employer does which I told him. After that, he told me again that he is not able to verify my degree so the application has to go through admin processing and they will need 2 more weeks to process my application and after that, they will get back to me. In the end, he mentioned to me I am going to keep your passport.

He has not given me any 221g slip so I asked officer do you need any documents from me at this time, he told I don’t need anything at this point

August 23rd - Visa status Still in “Administrative Processing"

Please let me know what I need to do at this point. How long it will take?

Same thing happened to me. My PP was kept and no 221g was given. They told they needed to verify certain documents from me. But my status on CEAC was refused. Emailed the consulate and they replied stating my Visa is in Admin processing 221g. Even though its still showing refused. I did not get any 221g slip during the interview, I guess its better to be in AP then being Refused. Fingers crossed