Passport renewel - address doubt

Hi,This query is regarding “address” update for passport renewal.* I am living at same address since last 20+ years.* My locality name is Niti Vihar and sometimes name Sanjay Vihar is also used.* Initially when I got the passport in 2007, as address proof I had electricity bill with locality name mentioned as ‘Niti Vihar’* My since last 7-8 years most authoritise began using name ‘Sanjay Vihar’ and even my voter id ( which I got in 2008) has Sanjay Vihar mentioned. Hence, I intent to fill ‘Sanjay Vihar’ in my passport renewel. So my question is - While filling the application form should I also check the option “change of address” ( although technically I am living at the same address) ?Does PSK consider this as ‘change of address’?Please provide your suggestions