Passport modification while H1B is in process

My H1B is in process for 2013. It is already submitted but I am not awre of the current visa status. My qusetion is if I reissue my passport now as I have to change my address and have to add my spose name will it be a problem for H1B. Please help. Should I go for a new passport or wait untill get my petition approved.

Getting passport reissued will not impact the outcome of the processing. You can do it now, so that you have new passport by the time petition gets processed/approved.

Thanks a lot Saurabh. I have a doubt on this as I have shared my old passport details with USCIS so in case of my passport reissue , a new passport no will be generated so will I get any RFE for my passport.

Usually it won’t. Think about this - if the petition is approved and then you get the new passport, will it invalidate the approved petition as it was against specific passport#? I doubt. You can check w/ your attorney as well.