Passport expiry Sep,2016 . Selected in H1-B FY 2016

Hello ,

I got selected in the lottery process of H1-B that was conducted on April 13,2015 .

My passport expires on Sep 2016 . Should I apply for a renewal now while I am in India or just do the renewal process when I am in US later this year ? Also, will the expiry date cause any hindrance in issue of my VISA or stamping ? Please advise.



I’m also in a similar situation and need some advise. My H1B visa was approved last year and I started working on H1B from Oct 1, 2014. The H1B has been approved for 3 years, so it’s valid until Sept, 2017.My question is - My passport is valid only until January, 2017 and my visa has been approved until Sept 2017. I’m planning to go to India for my stamping next month and I have already paid the appointment fees (but I’m yet to book an appointment date yet). Somebody told me that I have to renew my passport before I go for the stamping since the passport end date is before the visa end date. Is this true? I’m scared because I have already completed the DS160 form and paid the appointment fees and I mentioned in the DS160 form that currently I hold only one passport and that I don’t have any old passports. Can anyone suggest if I’m getting scared unnecessarily or if I have to renew my passport? Please advise.P.S. This is my first time H1B stamping. So I’m kinda nervous.