Passport expiry and STEM OPT extension


I am about to apply for STEM OPT extension in a few days. I am currently in the US and my passport will expire in November of this year. I have read on a few websites that my passport must be valid six months into the future. If that is true, then by the time USCIS reviews my application, my passport expiry date might be less that six months away. Given that it is almost impossible to renew my passport due to Covid19 right now, I am worried if passport expiry date could lead to a rejection of my application for extension.

If you have any ideas, it’d be very helpful to know.

Yes, it is recommend to have 6 months.
You can read the guidance on this page: , there is an option for emergency passport. Reach out to them to apply for Passport renewal mentioning the reason as it is important.

You should email them asking for help. If they say no and cannot renew now, then attach that email or proof to the application and send it along with application.
Once you see anything open, just get new passport.

Hi Suraj,
What did you do? I am in similar situation right now?