PASSPORT expiring soon and need to attend the VISA(H1B and H4) visa interview



We are planning to go to H1B and H4 Visa stamping in 01-JUNE-2016 at India. Our Child(8 year old) passport is expiring in 01-MAR 2017.

My 797 extension is approved till APR-2018.

So When we are going for Visa stamping, our child passport will have 9 months validity.

Do we need to get a new passport for our child?

Please help us.



A simple google search shows

Q.3 My passport is damaged or expiring soon, but I want to apply for a U.S. visa. What should I do?Please obtain a new passport before your interview if:

Your passport is going to expire in less than 6 months after the time you enter the United States.The film on the biographic data pages of your passport (i.e., page with your photo and back page with your parents’ information) is peeling, orYour passport is otherwise torn, damaged, mutilated or has been washed or laundered.