Passport Expires on 22 July 2014, can i travel to US on 23rd Jan 2014

Hi All,

I am second yr student with F1 student visa

My passport  expires on July 22nd 2014, while my student visa expires on 2nd May 2017

I am going to India this December and will return in a month on 23rd Jan 2014

As of the date on borading the flight from India, my passport will still be valid for six months. Will there be any issue? or objections on my travel? 

Once i come to US, i am planning to renew my passport at Houston location

Is this ok? or should i get my passport renewed before i travel to India?

Request your suggestion please


   As per the CBP website, you need to have the passport valid for your entire intended stay in US, when you enter the US. See below exact statment from CBP:

"As a general rule, passports must be valid for six months beyond the date the traveler will exit the U.S., however, the U.S. has signed agreements with a number of [countries to waive this requirement]( When such an agreement is in place, the passport must be valid for the entire period of the visitor's intended stay, but the additional six month validity period is not required. " 

Read : [US Entry Passport requirement for Internationals ](

In my view, you should get it renewed, just to avoid hassle..You are in India for a month and you should get it in a week, if you do tatkal. Check this [CBP Passport Expiry - Visa Valid ](

Thank you so much Kumar, this helps a lot
One last question, instead of getting it renewed in India ( 1 month is a short duration and since it is vacation period, i mean Christmas, Sankranti etc )

Should i get it renewed it now in US itself ?

please clarify this kindly

Yea. If I were you, I would get it renewed in the US.

Thank you again for a quick response Sir

I will think again for 2 days and then will decide

There are so many requirements to apply for a reissue in US :frowning: , when compared to those in India

Thank you again Sir

Hello Kumar,

Do you know if any one got their passport reissued from US? I have lot of questions on the requirements like , how to get the notary done, should we send the original I 20 etc

if you can direct me to the person, that would be great


Here is one article on passport renewal in US:

Thanks a ton Saurabh,

I read the post by Benny, is there a way to contact Benny??

I am on F1 visa, so have some doubts on some the requirements, like sending original I 20, and other affidavits


Hello Saurabh,

On Benny’s post there is no mention of the below documents

–Nationality Verification Form / Performa For Verification of Nationality / Personal Particulars Form
–Affidavit for No Status (Applicable to applicants applying in Atlanta/New York/Houston and SFO Jurisdiction Only)
–4 Point Affidavit (For Houston Jurisdiction Only)

May be she was not required to send these, but how will i know if i have to send these documents or not

Please request you to answer my query, i found these forms on

He may have attended the passport renewal, when the process may have been different.

This is the checklist pdf:

You should go through it and see what is related to your case and jurisdiction and submit it. I don’t think you need to send original I-20. If you are going to the consulate in person, then carry the original and photocopy. If you are sending by mail, then call them and ask if notorization is required (unless they have already explained it on the site).