Passport Expiration, OPT, Travel out of US

Hi All,

I have applied for OPT and my passport is going to expire in January 2020. The current address in my passport is from India and I don’t live there anymore nor my family. When I apply for passport renewal from US they are asking for address proof. I do have address proof but if they verify then they will get to know that I no more stay there. So I have to apply for change of address and then apply. But the problem is I don’t have the address proof with new address. I am stuck now.

While OPT application is in process I wanted to go to India and was planning to get the passport renewal there on tatkal. I am not sure if that is a great idea but I was thinking about that option.

My question is Can i travel to India during OPT pending and passport is about to expire.

please suggest.


You do not need to send the address details of what is in your passport. Just put in address proof of your family, who lives in India. They do understand that you do not live there anymore, so anything that is on your family name should be fine. It is better to apply in US and get the passport renewed because, there maybe delays in India at times and you would be more stuck.

Traveling with OPT pending or even on OPT is slightly risky…with your passport thing also it can be very risky. You still have a some time, apply for passport re-issue immediately in US and then take it forward.

Also, do share your experience with community here on your passport thing. It will help others.

Thanks kumar for the reply, but the address that I have in passport is different from the address my family lives. No one lives at that address.

The address in your passport does not matter. Where your family lives now is what matters.