Passport delivery option not available any more?


I have an approved petitiion and i am planing to visit India next month. As a part of this i filled my DS160 form but while filling up the stanley website form to schedule stamping it provides me only “pick up” option in one of its 11/14 (bluedart) locations. I remember there used to be a delivery option of passport at the home address. What happened to that? Is there any other website i need to use to schedule for stamping? Really appreciate any pointers/ information on this.

Thank You !!

Passport delivery option is no longer available. It is only pick up.

Thanks for your response. Only pick up option :frowning: I live in Kerala and i need to travel all the way to Chennai or Trivandrum to pick my passport. That optiotn removal from USCIS really helps!! :frowning:

You need not go to Chennai . Nearest location served by Bluedart can be selected for pickup. I think Cochin should be available. However check the options in the system

Sure. Thanks again @sudeeptravels