Passport damaged and Visa is in good condition

Hello- Good Evening, I have a question regarding my damaged passport and

My passport is damaged and I have a H1b visa stamped on it till 2023
september 30th, the visa page is in good form/shape without any damages. I
am planning to get a new passport from the Indian embassy here in the US.

I am planning to travel to India by the end of this year and come back in a
month, do i need to get a new stamp on it ? My employment info is the same
and nothing has changed.

Passport is getting detached from the blue hard cover, but all other pages
are in good form with visa stamps and immigration stamps on it.


It should be okay if film on the biographic data pages of your passport (i.e., page with your photo and back page with your parents’ information) is not peeling and your visa page is intact.
Try to glue it at the binding if possible but need to be very careful to not damage the biometric pages.