Parents Visiting Visa Extension- Currently in India - Dropbox Option


My Parents are currently in India. They have B2 visiting visa and they came to USA twice before. Their Visiting visa is expiring in May 2021 and we need to apply for renewal, Can you please on below,

  1. Are my parents eligible for drop box? if so what is the process

  2. Are the US-Embassy in india open now for B2 Visa extension. I tried to check the appointment date in ustraveldocs site for Hyderabad location and it says the earliest appointment date is November 2021.

  3. Can i make the appointment now for November 2021 and is it possible to reschedule to early date if they gets opened?

Thank you.

  1. Yes, they can. Process is normal dropbox process. fill DS-160, book appointment
  2. Yes. That is for general, for dropbox, it is earlier.
  3. Yes, that is for normal stamping. You can do that for dropbox too.