Parents Rejected Visitor Visa. Want to Reapply

Hello Everyone,

I am on H1B status right now with approved petition but stamping yet to be updated. I am in Ohio currently.
I am the only son of my parents. Both of my parents have small scale business as their occupation.
I want to file my Parent’s Visitor Visa. It is my dream that my parents visit USA. I have tried once applying for Visa & have gathered following documents.
Copy of H1B Approval
Copy of passport
Employment Letter
Copy of last three bank statements
Bank Account verification letter
Copy of last three salary Statements
Copy of last year Tax returns.
My Parents had their Property papers, Income Tax returns handy.

But unfortunately the visa was rejected with 214(B) status - intent to Immigrate. As my situation clearly implies, we do not have any intent to immigrate.
Please suggest further steps to be taken to further strengthen my case for parent’s Visa.


The main issue with your parents petition is with you: By being only one son.

When the immigration officer learned that you are only the son for your parents its trivial that your parents are going to stay with you in US(thats what the immigration officer interpretation, I am sure its not valid from your words).

Your parents can apply again and this time by being careful in giving details about you(if asked only tell the truth)

Your parents must have more evidences proving them to come back to India(proofs like ongoing business, fixed properties, other ties back to the home country). Its a gray area, and it depends up on many variable factors.

Thanks for the answer. I know about the exact reason being me the only child. But both my parents have ongoing business and income tax return to show. Also they had property papers as well as bank statements stating their deposits in indian banks. Its just that the visa officer did not even asked about any of that and rejected. can you comment of any individual points menor my parents can do to show their intention to come back to home country because that is the case.