Parents do not have financial documents


My husband is on h1 n I m on h4 I m planning to file visitor visa for my parents as I m expecting…can my parents inform this in interview?

they have entire family in India my siblings n grand mom who is 85 yrs old but they do not have any property or income tax documents ? Will it be problem to get their vvisa how ever my father has bank statements …n he is working in small scale co where he is minimum paid?

Lot of parents come to US when their child is expecting. So it is a valid reason to tell the officer.

If you are sponsoring their trip, you can attach your husband’s statements to show that you have enough funds to cover their expenses in US. They can also tell about their family in India to show that they are not potential immigrants and have ties w/ the country.

It may be better for your parents not to inform VISA officer that you are expecting. This is because the VISA officer may see this as providing services of midwifery. Meeting their daughter and son-in-law is a good enough reason.

The fact that your parents do not have any tax returns may create problems. They will have to do their best to show strong ties to other family members here. This also implies that you must be sponsoring their trip. So, keep your husband's records in order.

Best of luck!