Parents can extend their stay Vs Tourism

I’m planning to bring my parents to USA via thomascook with 10days tour.

  1. any chance to extend their stay with me in USA - 20days more after completing tour.
  2. any advise or anything i need to ask/get(visa,any) from thomascook in advance?


  1. Tour package includes visa too
  2. Thomas Cook Ltd. is an integrated travel and travel related financial services company

If their visa is B2 visa, they will usually get 6 months on their I-94. So, if they get I-94 for such long or anything more than 10 days, they are free to stay and move around. From visa standpoint, that’s the process…check with Thomascook on the logistics and if they are applying for B2 visa and then plan it accordingly…Everything is tied to the I-94 date, so plan accordingly.

again thank you so much :blush:

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