Parents B2 visa - Is commercial property enough to show strong ties with home country?

I am currently in US with valid H1B. I am trying to get my parents to visit me for 2 months. My father is retired (> 10 years ago) and mother is homemaker. They currently reside in a home owned by my brother. He owns several commercial property through which he earns substantial rental income. I will be sponsoring their travel and stay for 2 months.

My query:

  1. What should I show his occupation : “Retired” or “Others”? There is not other options than matches this case. Under “others”, I need to list “Name of the organization”, which I can’t in this case.Also, once I put “Retired”, I can’t showcase the rental income he earns in the form (which strengthens his case of being financially independent)

  2. If I go with “Retired”, there is no option in the form that to specify any kind of income (pension, rental). Further, my father doesn’t own a home (legally). So this weakens his case for “Strong ties with the home country” as he is already retired. Would commercial properties he owns be considered for “strong ties”? (in case this is asked during the interview). I read on certain sites that having a home matters a lot in such cases.

It will be helpful if someone can provide information/guidance around this.