Parents B2 Visa - COVID situation


My parents are in US with me on B2 visa, i-94 is about to expire on April, 30. I am looking for what options i have given they cannot travel back till the travel restrictions are lifted.

Is extension the only option ? has USCIS annouced anything on auto-extend for B1/B2 visa holders currently stuck in US ?

yes, B2 extension is the only option.
No auto extension. You need to apply for it. Read USCIS updates for COVID in below article.

I just applied for my parent’s B2 visa extension online via USCIS. However waiting for approval. I haven’t received call for biometrics as well, it’s been 13 days. Can my parent stay in the united states while the B2 visa extension decision is pending from USCIS?

I have to apply extension for my parents as well. I have a question - for online filing of i539 did you use individual accounts to apply for each of your parents or can we use same account to file both ? can you please let me know.