out of status query


I have a complcated case here.

I travelled to usa on an f1 visa in 2008. I got my first H1 in sept 2011 with company A. After this I was laid off in feb 2012. But they reassured me that they would not notify uscis till I file my next petition. Later I filed for my next h1 transfer with an indian consultant company B in April. But due to overload of petitions my h1 reciept itself came back only in june and a month later my H1 was approved. However by then my family back in India needed me to come back due to some conditions that had prevailed and hence i decided to quit work with the company and returned to India in Dec 2012 for good.So in reality I never worked with company B and I also could not gain any H1 documents from them due to my sudden exit. All I have left with me now is my H1 reciept no for company B. Since then I got a job in India with company C. Got married and settled down here.

2 years later in Jan 2015 my current company C filed for my new H1. The petition got approved in April 2015. Now I will be going for my H1 stamping. What could be my chances ahead? Also any help on how to attend the interview questions would be appreciated.

How long were you out of status exactly? ie lost job -> left country. Employer B does not matter because as you said you never worked there. Did you overstay your I-94

Hey i was out of status for a month between feb 2012 to march 2012.after this my h1/transfer petition ws filed wid uscis thru company b.it got approved in july.however company b revoked the petition only in october. So after that i was out of status till dec.

Also my i94 for company a is was valid till/2014

So my confusion here is that you said you never worked at B, which means you were out of status from Feb till you left in Dec. In that right?

yes yes…that is right. so I have gathered info that I say yes to the question on the ds-160 regarding unlawful presence at other violations. Then answer the vo truthfully if he/she asks any question. Let me know your views. Appreciate it.

Your I-94 date and pending applications with USCIS does not suggest you were out of status. I don’t see an ‘unlawful presence’ scenario here unless I am missing key information.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, www.chu.edu; sshankarATchu.edu

No there is no informAtion missing here. I am just worried because i ws not technically working from feb to dec.i do have all docyments for compamy c.