out of status, dso said, you have to face dire consequences ,via mail?


My visa was stamped in different university,which was valid for 5 Years, later on I have switched to two different universities

  1. I had withdrawn the courses at one XX university, at that time I had chosen a wrong major and joined other YYY university,studied one semester,next semester i dint performed well, due to some health issues, though i got signatures from DSO, later on I dint went to united states for next semester.So the DSO,has terminated my I20. in January 2015, My DSO was not satisified with my Health Issue.

  2. It is almost one year will finish by this December 2015, finished, Now i want to apply to a new Graduate School, will there be any problem,by the USA Consulate and DSO of YY UNIVERSITY.

  3. I wish to apply to XX university, still i receive emails from XX UNIVERSITY,though I dont want to go YY University, the resentiment time period is over, meanwhile, i was married, it dint work, so I plan to go back, is there any chance that, my Visa will be extended or Case Penality will be there on me.

  4. I would be very glad, how to convince the USA Consulate, I have suffered from huge loss of dollars, I want to cover up, by finishing a new masters degree.

  5. Kindly, reply to me