Options after B.Com in USA other than MBA?

Dear Sir,
I am Sam and am doing my B.Com 3rd year. Can you please specify courses other than MBA in US for people completing 3 year degrees from India like B.Com?
Many universities require job experience to do MBA and it is very difficult to find jobs with just B.Com in India( and even if you do find jobs, they are very low paid).

Kindly please reply.



  Well, I am assuming you are asking for options in USA. You can pickup MS in other areas like MS in finance, accounting ,etc. There are options.  You need to check with schools, if they accept 15 years education too. some schools do, some do not. So, there is some reaserch work involved. Read  article  : [Do B Schools accept 15 years in US ](http://redbus2us.com/do-b-schools-in-usa-accept-15-year-education-for-mba-list-of-schools/)


Also, you can transfer your credits for the courses you have done to a US school and get a Bachelors degree in Business from US schools.  You need to work with US schools.

Thanks a lot Kumar I will try and find out if any school offers the exchange for credits.