OPT to H1 Applied this april 2013 but changing jobs

I am a masters graduate(STEM) on OPT curently and my current employer has applied for H1B this April 2013. I am switching my job due to personal reasons, may I know what to do next ?

Ask my current employer to cancel H1B ?

What to tell the future employer?

I still haven’t used my 12 month OPT… it expires in august and after that i have 17 more months.

Please guide me.

Your new employer will not be able to file H-1 for you as the cap is over. Also, there is a strong chance that current employer will withdraw H-1 once you leave them.

One option is to stay w/ current employer until H-1 gets approved and then change employers. The new employer can file for cap-exempt H-1 (aka H-1 transfer) for you. However, this may be unprofessional.

Or you can move to the other employer and not worry what current employer does w/ H-1. If H-1 gets approved, then new employer can file for H-1 transfer. Else go for OPT extension and file H-1 next year.

Also, do you know if your H-1 made through the lottery or not? Was it filed w/ PP?