OPT student Client change H1b pending

Applied for h1 (masters quota) and awaiting approval. Currently on opt expring in jul 2012.

Can I change my client as I got a new project and current proj ends in 2 months or should I wait…?

Should I go for premium. ? will it increase chances of gettin rfe .?

Kindly advice…!

You can change clients while on OPT. However, if H-1 was approved for one location and you change client/location, then LCA and H-1 amednment will be required.

Thanks Saurabh.

I applied H1 with client A and the application is still pending.

Now I want to change project with new client B. Should I have to apply for LCA and H1 amednment even before it gets approved …?

Or should I have to wait for rfe or h1approval and then make changes?