OPT - STEM bachelor and MBA - Which Area should I work for OPT?

I have a bachelor degree in mechanical engineer and will finish MBA degree next year. Do I have to find a job related to MBA or I am ok to apply for a mechanical engineer job?

It depends on the OPT that you plan to utilize. If you are using OPT from MBA, then it has to be tied to MBA. If you are using the STEM OPT Extension based on Bachelors, then it has to be Engineering. Discuss with your DSO.

Thank you very much for your respond. Does that mean I can utilize Bachelors degree to find and job and apply for OPT?

Well, it is something you need to discuss with your DSO and then take a decision…As you have already graduated, I have seen some try to use the STEM OPT extension…but, you seem to be applying for STEM OPT, so discuss with your DSO at current and previous schools and then decide the best approach…The key thing is your DSO has to recommend you the OPT, which will be key for approval.

Also, do update after you discuss with DSO here for everyone benefit.