OPT start date

Hello guys,

My OPT application got rejected. Since USCIS was increasing the application fees from $380 to $410 from December 23, 2016, I posted the application on December 20 with $410 fees but my application reached their office before December 23. Now they have rejected the application saying that we cannot keep any extra money.

I will post my application again on January 20, 2017. My degree conferral date is February 1, 2017. I also have the offer letter from an employer who is ready to file my H1B this year only. What start date should I choose now?

If there are any other suggestions please feel free to post them.

Thank You in advance.


It usually takes 90 days for USCIS to process I-765 application. I filed my OPT EAD card for first year and it took around 85 days to get my physical card. ( But this was during the holiday season ie Nov- Jan ).

All the best!!