OPT RFE Response Review

My OPT application was received by the USCIS on March 2 or 3rd. On April 17, I received a RFE letter requesting copies of my CPT I20s. I immediately sent them on April 18th. ON April 23 rd the status changed to “Response To USCIS’ Request For Evidence Was Received, You should receive a decision or case update by June 22, 2015, unless fingerprinting or an interview are needed.”

So, my questions are,

Is there any chance that I can receive my OPT card before June 22? if so how good are my chances?

How often do they ask for fingerprinting or an interview ?

I am planning to go to India on last week of May. I am thinking if I can my OPT card by second week of June, I can ask one of my friends to ship the OPT card to India so I won’t have any trouble entering into the US upon returning. But then I am worried what if they call me for an interview or finger printing.

Thank you for your time to answer my questions.

If you already graduated - this is too risky.

If you leave before your OPT-EAD is approved, your I-94 history will show that you left the country to USCIS.

They see no reason to approve your EAD because you are not in the country. Don’t take chances. Wait for your OPT card.

If you haven’t graduated yet - there shouldn’t be any issue.

Make sure you have valid passport and a valid F-1 visa.

Reference: http://www.visaservices.duke.edu/OPTTravelUpdates.html

Thank you for your reply. They said they would send a decision by June 22.I have a job offer in my hand right now. Is there any chance I could get it sooner?.