OPT, Process Time -Pending Long - How long can I stay in US?

Hi All,

I was looking at the process time for OPT application and I see that it shows March 16th, 2019 as current application processing. My application was filed on July 19th, 2019, in that case is it going to take 5 months for approval. if anyone has answer please share it. My masters last date is August 26th, 2019 and if I understand correctly then I have 60 days grace period to leave the country if I don’t hear anything from them.

Also I am in a project right now and If i don’t hear from them then I cannot even work on CPT, I have to wait till I get OPT status.


USCIS processing times can be misleading online, if you look at dates, just look the average processing time in a center and then look at your date based on that. Yes, technically, you have 60 days grace period.
Yes, your CPT ends when school ends. So, you need OPT card and new I-20 to work. Talk to your DSO and confirm, before you take any decision and plan your travel or exit.