OPT- H1 Clarification

Hello Everyone,

I am currently on a STEM OPT Visa which is valid until April 2020, my employer applied for H1 this year, and it got picked up. In July I got a RFE and it was replied on October 4th.

  1. My Status on the USCIS Website/ after login shows " Response for your RFE was received on October 4th.

  2. I logged into my SEVIS account to see if there was any change in my SEVIS, on OPT or STEM OPT if H1 is approved I was informed that the SEVIS is updated and marked as CLOSED with a change in STATUS.

  3. My SEVIS was updated on November 21st and was marked as completed, I was not sure what that meant, my current authorization date which was earlier marked with a end date of April 2020 got updated with November 21st 2018 Date.

  4. I reached out to my School to find out more information, they replied back saying that my SEVIS was marked a completed with a message pointing Change in Status. and which means that your H1 is approved.

  5. When I checked my Cases Status on USCIS, is still shows RFE received on Oct 4th and the case is under review.

  6. My Employer did not receive any H1 approval documents and its been almost 3 days.

  7. My school is not helping me beyond this information. and at this point I am not sure what my status us.

Any input or suggestions on the above situation is appreciable.


The systems are not fully connected as we all wish. Your source of truth is petition approval notice from USCIS sent to your attorney. Until you hear anything from USCIS with a physical copy of approval, other things cannot be validated. Some of these statuses have been appearing weird for many…many users have reported instances, where the online system says still processing, but they got physical copy of approval…so, the recommendation is to work with your attorney and stay up to date on the USCIS physical letter. Your attorney can raise service request, if it is delayed too much…It can confusing at times with different info in different places, but your source of truth is USCIS physical copy. You can also call USCIS or get infopass appointment to see, if they can help explain…

So, its been almost a month now. My SEVIS status is updated to as completed even though I have a STEM OPT until Apr 2020. The Sevis team says, that my SEVIS has been marked as completed as Change of Status was approved, which lead to completion of SEVIS.
My employer has not yet received my H1 approval receipt, and the USCIS website still shows that the case is pending with response to RFE received.
I am not sure what to do next, am I in status or not?