OPT got rejected, going back to f1 and start cpt, & also will file for H1b


My Opt got rejected on Dec2012, because i had worked over a year on it, I am planning to go back to college on same F1 and will planning to start on CPT as soon as possible and apply for H1B for 2013.

 My question is how much chances do i have that my H1B gets approved or rejected. 

There is one more thing i want to point out, at the time of opt will USCIS run your SSN and crosscheck it with your CPT.?

I will suggest talking to an attorney about it. As your OPT was denied in Dec 2012 and assuming you are already graduated, you are no longer in valid status. You need to leave US now, get F-1 visa stamped (again, check w/ attorney if that is needed) and then start studying in the school.

The past rejection can play a part in future immigration applications like CPT, H-1 etc as it was an error on your side which caused you to overuse the OPT.

Thanks a lot Saurabh,
I just came to know that my SEVIS status is completed, i am left with two option, either i file for reinstatement or get a new i-94 (simply crossing the border).One more thing according to DHO i still have some time, since I have 5 months to apply for reinstatement from the OPT denial date. Which one is better to go for and why??
As far as first question goes, the OPT application is denied because i have worked over a year on CPT. I spoke to my DHO and she said dont worry it will not effect any future application (CPT,H1B etc). how much i can count on it. Please help me out.

I will suggest talking to an attorney for a 2nd opinion. The DSO may be right but lot of DSOs are not fully aware of immigration rules. So its better to take a legal advice.