OPT Extension I983 Rules object to file "H1B CAP EXEMPT Petiton"'; SEVIS termination- DSO?

Hello Team,

I had H1B Visa Stamping at Hyderabad ( India) in November 2012, I got a petition (mechanical profile) and visa which is for 3 years ( from Nov 2012 to Sep 2015).

But in August 2014 I got F1 Visa by cancelling H1B visa at Hyderabad, India.

Completed my Masters in mechanical August 2014 - May 2016.

Currently working in OPT EAD valid from June 01 2016 - May 31 2017.

I would like to use the above approved petition as CAP exempt with current employer.

But current employer has a policy of sponsoring H1B only after one year of service.

So he would like to sign I983 and submit OPT extension.

Once it gets approved my status will be on OPT extensions wherein my employer has to follow I983 rules.

While in my OPT extension, are the rules of new I983 does not allow him to file " H1B CAP EXEMPT 2012 Petition" ?

Do my employer has to inform my DSO about my " H1B CAP EXEMPT 2012 Petition " get his permission and then file H1B?

Will the DSO terminate my SEVIS if employer files H1 Transfer using " H1B CAPEXEMPT 2012 Petition "?

Since my employer has to abide I 983 rules:

Can he file only a new H1B in April 2017 ( Subject to CAP) not " H1B CAP EXEMPT 2012 Petition"?