OPT expiring, H1 applying next year 2014.

Hi Saurabh,

I am on OPT currently which will expire on Feb 14 2014. Unfortunately i did not apply for H1b this year (2013). I am planning to apply in April 2014. My question is can i join a masters degree that will allow me start working form day1 or will i have to join in some colleges that will provide me a status to stay in US and work as well till Oct 2014(i.e until H1b approval). What would be the safe way to proceed on this. If i join another masters degree will i need to go to India to get visa stamped or can i stay and work in US.

Your suggestion is truely appreciated…

Thank you for your time.


please refrain from doing CPT scams. F1 is meant for study and not work.