OPT Expires - H1-B petition submission deadline - H1B Cap


My STEP OPT is suppose to expire December 2013. I am currently employed and working with employer to submit H1-B petition. However, petition is not submitted yet.

Is it too late for submission? Would H1-B Quota for Fiscel year 2013 reflect my filing?

The USCIS will start accepting H1B petitions from April 1st 2013, that is next Monday.

Would I be considered under regular quota of 60,000 or 20,000. I have done my undergrad. If under regular quota of 60,000. Would it be accepted from April, 2013? How do I know chances of coming under 60,000 quota. And if USCIS recieved the petition, but quota gets complete. Then What are alternatives, since my OPT also expires this december

20,000 is only for Master’s degree from a US university. So you will go under the regular quota of 65,000. The USCIS will start accepting petitions for both categories starting next Monday and it is forecasted to get filled up within the first week or two.

Once you say chances, it is unpredictable. If the quota gets filled and you dont make it, you can try for jobs in research institutions or universities who can apply for H1b all through the year and they dont go under these quota.