Opt denied, filed MTR apr 21,2017. No decision yet. What to do?

Applied for OPT in Jan 2017. Got a denial notice in Mar 2017 stating the i-20 was expired and was older than the 30 day period. Then I filed MTR and USCIS received my I-290B on April 21,2017. I still havent got a decision. What do I do now? What are the next steps to do if my MTR gets accepted/denied?

My i20 from the school has been expired now. If I get rejected for MTR(which happens in most of the cases), do I have an option for another masters with CPT/OPT? If not what are the other options for me to continue in USA? I have my F-1 visa valid till Sep 2019. Plz help me out guys. I am stuck from long time and dont know what to do now.

Hello vamsikrishna,

I’m in same exact situation like yours right now. Did u got any decision yet? What was the evidence you provided while filling for MTR?

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