OPT Denial - possible reasons?

I graduated on 1st Feb and USCIS received all my documents on March 21st. Today (6/17) I got an update on the USCIS website saying that my OPT has been denied. I havent yet received the formal notice indiating the reason for the denial. While applying for the OPT I or my university may have made a mistake (for eg my DSO told me to put N/A istead of my social security on the social security number field in the I765) I was wondering if anyone has a guess why my OPT was denied. Can it be because of the time between my graduation and my application submission (51 days, but i talked to a few people and they said that you get 60 days to apply for OPT once you graduate) or can it be because of an error in application submission. Also will I get a denial notice if there is an error in application.

Also, This is my 1st ever application for OPT. and i have never applied for CPT and haven’t worked off-campus. And i haven’t worked more than 20 hours a week on campus.

Graduated on Feb 1st ? Did you graduate in Fall ? Just wondering how would you get that Feb 1st date. When was the last day of your school in your graduating semester ? Yes, you are eligible to apply for OPT before 60 days after your graduation. I suggest you talk to your DSO right away to sort out the dates and get a copy of the application submitted and review.