OPT after MS with Thesis option and the risk of getting a job

Hi Redbus Team,

						Nice to meet you.I am Gangadharan and this is the gist of my situation.
					I came for Phd Program in ECE (Image Processing) in University of New Mexico in Spring 2012 with scholarship.I was not funded from my professor till yet as there was a funding problem.Now my Professor wants me to get a MS thesis so I can apply for other universities for PhD or I can go for industry.
					In the summer from May-July I did a CPT in a Image processing company and they are interested in hiring me over the next semester(Spring 2014).Now here are my questions?


			1.If I finish my thesis by December 2013 is there any way I can stay till Jan-May 2014 so that I can apply for other universities by that time and move on to them by Fall 2014 for PhD? (The stay from Jan-May how to manage it as I will be done my thesis and coursework)
		2.How many times you can use OPT (17+12 months) like can there be a splits in OPT ? Example : If I do a OPT now from Jan-May 2014 and I quit my job in summer and then move to PhD to the admitted university for Fall 2014.
		3.In the above case, after my PhD in that university say by 2018 am I eligible to apply for OPT again?
		3a.Suppose in the admitted Phd Program if I am opting out drop after two or three years can I still get a job after it? (Provided I have used my OPT from Jan-May 2014 in that case)

		4.Or else is there any other way I can get admit to universities for PhD in Spring 2014 to alleviate this problem?

	Sorry for troubling you with so many questions.But I don't know how to proceed with this chaos.Please help me.