Online Electrical Engineering Bachelors Degree

Hi,I’m currently in the US on H1B visa which is valid till 2020 and working as an Electrical Engineer (Non -IT) in Southern California. Basically, I am a Diploma Holder (Diploma in ECE) and I want to do Online Electrical Engineering Bachelor’s Degree.Do I have to take GRE or TOFLE exam with my current H1b visa status if I want to do Online bachelor degree? Is there any 100% Online bachelor degree that is available for me? If possible, can you please tell me the procedure and Tuition Fees and the Universities list.Any recommendations.ThanksKannan

Taking GRE, TOEFL totally varies by school and for online it may be even flexible. I am not sure, if there are 100% online degrees for such. You can do research. We do not advise on schools.

My personal view is, you can do part time degree in the evening and have it done in-person to get better education experience than full online.