on H1B with a job, want to study MFA by changing it to student

Ok, this might sound peculiar but this is my situation: I have an H1B valid till Sep 2015, and I work for a big I T co (say Infosys). I want to pursue MFA (not MS or MBA). Is it possible to change my H1B job visa to student visa? And, if yes, how can I do that? What is the procedure? I haven’t applied to any colleges so far.

Yes you can. I am assuming you meant Master of Fine Arts. Irrespective of the major or degree, you will need to convert to F1 visa, if you want to do it full time. You can do it part time without changing your visa status.

I don’t know much about MFA requirements, you need to check with school on what do they need for tests. Once you have your scores, you apply for admission with all the requirements they need for the MFA program admission . You will need to speak to the international student advisor at the university on the process of applying for Change Of Status (COS). It is not very uncommon, many do this and it should be pretty straight forward. Let me write an article on this in general. Stay tuned on the blog.