On CPT, H1B approved with CAP-GAP approval on SEVIS


I was doing my second Master’s to be in status to apply for H1B. Recently my H1B got approved. To continue my CPT till Sep 30th, i was inquiring with the university how many courses are left to complete. They said my SEVIS is updated with CAP-GAP until Sep 30th 2016 and sent me that updated I-20. So in this case, do i still need to do my course work or can drop from it since my CAP-GAP is approved? If i drop, would that affect my status? Please let me know about this ASAP. Thank you!

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I have almost the same issue. Did you get an answer?
I got approved for H1 while I am doing my second degree and using CPT to be in status. However, my school advisor tells that if I leave the degree incomplete, it might impact my h1 extension or green card process. I am just wondering, since I will be on H1 from Oct 1st, do I still have to continue this program after that, even if I don’t need F1 visa?