Old Valid Visa with new Approved i797 with 221G


I got complications in Employer transfer process. Need urgent help.

Here is my current situation:

Employer A: Valid Visa with employer A till January 2018 [was working in USA on this visa from last 2 years with this employer]

Employer B: Approved i797 form

Currently located: Currently in India on Vacation (Got Employer B, i797 approval while in India last week – Dec 5, 2016)

Steps Taken:

Tried to book appointment for stamping date @consulate for Employer B and got to know that eligible for Drop-box.Submitted the passport with all documentationGot the passport back with 221g white slip saying “ You need to appear for interview at Consulate Office within 1 calendar year”Here are my Questions:

Can I travel back to USA as I do have valid visa(from old employer A) and approved i797 form from employer B while 221g is still open on my new petition with employer B ?If I can travel back to USA with above conditions, will I be able to work for Employer B(on Approved i797 and open 221g) and then can come and appear for interview after 8 months (as I have one year of time for interview)?


I am in same situation, did you get any insights

If so appreciate your post here