Old passport with B1 stamping and new passport for H1B

Hi Friends,

I need some clarification on my H1B DS160 form. I have B1 visa in my old passport and now my H1B case got approved and preparing to get H1B stamped on my renewed new passport. So now my H1B related DS160 should be filling with new passport number? And what to answer for DS160 for question-related to any US related visas are granted? And it is asking for VISA number as well.

And also do I need to carry my old passport for H1B stamping?

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ALWAYS carry Old passport (to anywhere where you are using the passport).

in H1B DS160, fill that you were granted a B1 before and fill the number from your old passport B1 visa (red colored number on the stamping. check carefully).

So that means I need to fill current DS160 with the new passport which is currently valid? And in that, i need to mention my travel history & B1 stamping details.

Yes, thats correct.
As a thumb rule, always use your latest/current/valid passport when there is a word “passport” is used anywhere… But the historical information from the current and previous passports is still a valid history(even if the visas etc on those old passports are valid or expired, they all holds the same value regardless of those are in the current or previous passports). Carry them together.