Old H1B amendment went RFE,Meantime I changed the client filed new amendment and got approved,now old amendment denied

Hi all,

I’m in H1B. I am working for same Employer but changed clients. I worked with client A till Dec 2015, My employer filed my amendment for client A in normal process on June 2015, I got RFE on Feb 2016 (due to: client letter). But before that my project ended (Dec 2015). So I started my new project with different client B within same city. I filed a new amendment with client B in Premium process and Got it Approved. Replied my first amendment RFE with new approved docs. But my first h1B Amendment got denied, i didn’t get the reason for denial so far. Could anybody help me on below questions?

Will it affect my current H1B status? How can I reply for this denial? do I need to open this case again? Will it affect my stamping in future? Will my New amendment(approved in Mar 2016) override the old amendment (denied in July 2016)?Which amendment status should I follow?Thanks in Advance.

  1. It shouldn’t impact the already approved petition for client B.

  2. Why do you need to fight this denial? As long as other approval notice stands, why does this denial matter to you and/or employer?

  3. No

  4. B’s amendment petition still stands approved

  5. Too many questions asking the same thing. See (1) and (4)

Your attorney should be handling all these things for you.

Thanks Saurabh. My attorney told me that he is still waiting for the reason for denial as soon as he get the reason he will give solutions to my problem.

Hi Ravi…
Did you get final information on this?
I am going thru same thing… My first amendment for new client new location was filed 2 months ago… and now I am thinking to get another new client new location…
So, can i have two amendments?
I mean can we file second amendment when first amendment is still pending…
Any issues in your experience?
please help.thanks in advance.

Hi desmataks,

No issues. You can have more than one amendment at the same time. Make sure to mention the first amendment receipt # in second one. You need to follow the latest ‘approved’ amendment.
If first approved, second denied refile the second amendment along with approved amendment.
If second approved, first denied you need to follow second and skip the first.
If both gets denied you will go to your original visa petition location. (if that position exists!)