Old 2013 H1B(petiton approved) stamping - queries

My Status: I was been to USA with L1A and stayed from 2011 2013 Oct,due to personal reason came back to India (my H1B petition approved for 3 years – 2013 to 2016 OCT)

  1. Rather than USICS tracker status of my petition reciept no. ,How do I check my petition is withdrawn by my employeer or not ?? ( Bcoz i never contact with him past 1 year)

  2. What are imp documents or info should i get with employeer when i go for stamping as I left with 1 year only and I had not joined the H1B employeer ??

  3. By only unused approved Petition reciept no. Can I Transfer to new employeer C get stamp join to USA.

  4. By the way how to convience attroney earlier i was in Manager role now as Technical role??

Aprreciate for quick response

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  1. Raise an FOIA to USCIS

  2. Having i797 copy or even the case number would do, you dont need any docs from employer

  3. Yes

  4. Show your offer letter or paystub or LCA