officer said h1b approved but online status is "admin processing"

Hi everyone,

I appeared for h1b visa interview in New Delhi about 2 weeks back. The
officer said that visa is approved and kept my passport. However, when I
check the status online, it says: “Administrative processing”.

For couple of days, the status was “Ready”. However, the status went back
to “administrative processing”.

How long does “admin processing” process typically take?

BTW, my wife and kid’s status is showing as “Issued”.

I found some folks in a similar situation here ,but there are no answers
in that thread.

Thank you.

did your wife and kid get their passports?

Did you got your visa stamped?

Yes, the visa was issued automatically after 2-3 weeks.My visa’s status changed automatically from ‘administrative processing’ to ‘Issued’.

Yes. Fortunately, all of us got the visas.