Offered full time position but employer not ready to file my H1 visa?

I am offered full time position but my employer is not ready to file my H1 visa in April. My OPT expires on June 15th. Can I sponser the fee and ask my employer to give supporting documents. Till when can I work in USA and the earliest date to file for my H1.

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Technically, it is ilegal to pay out of your pocket for the H1b visa fee, it has to be paid by the employer. But, there are some consultancies who take money from their employees towards the H1 fee. I dont think your company will accept to do this as they do not want to get into legal trouble in future.

You can work in USA till June 15th i.e. till your OPT ends. You have to file H1 before it ends. You can apply for H1 when the H1 quota opens up on April 1st 2013.

Thank you so much for the response. But my employer said they never done it before and would not sponsor for my H1 as they are saying its a lengthy procedure and requires to pay. Is there any means I could come out of this situation? Because the position is related to my course and is a full time one. Please kindly help me. Thank you.

Talk to your employer and see if they are willing to hire you as a consultant. I also suggest you start searching for a job from an employer ready to do your H1, find one before April to be on teh safer side than relying on your current employer.

Thanks for the info. But for that should I convince my employer to agree for the pay roll thing?
Thank you.