Notice of intent to revoke uscis - h1b

I have received the email of notice of revoke NOIR. I got stamped h1b in the 2016 October, I am yet to start from India this week(dec 1). Suddenly, I have seen this notice from USCIS and they are expecting the response by dec 15 2016. My attorney is working on this issue to respond.

Shall I travel or postpone.? will it cause any issue at port of entry.?

please share your thoughts.

Technically, you should be able to enter into US while your visa revocation is not yet final(NOIR is not final revoke).

But I advice you not to take risk of entering into US while your petition is pending… (speak to your lawyer)

If you can, send me a copy of your NOIR (email me)

Hi can you please update me on your case since i got the same notice and i am checking with lawyer for the best possible solution. It will be a big help if you can tell me your case.

After how long did uscis send the noir after they received the file from us embassy ?

You can email