Notice Explaining USCIS' Actions Was Mailed

Thanks Siri_88 for the update. All the best.

hi Sri, any updates on your status?

Hi Pavankethineni,

33 days back my status changed to “Notice Explaining USCIS’ Actions Was Mailed” and My employer submitted required documents now the status is “Response To USCIS’ Request For Evidence Was Received”.

Can you please tell me is your status changed same like mine. And how long USICS took to approve your case once it changed to above status

Hi sri
Pls update … what is the status?
We are so many people having the same status here… it would be helpful for us.

I am also in same status… uscis hv to respond all these cases before jan 31st.

Hi Cnu1252
The status ‘Notice Explaining USCIS’ Actions Was Mailed’ implies RFE.
We have shared required documents promptly.
unfortunately , my petition got denied few days before.
Wishing you all the best .

@Cnu1252 thanks for your reply. On what basis you saying that USCIS have to respond before jan 31st.

As per the past history immigration girl (Emily) posted in her comment that uscis should close all the h1b cap list for this year before 31 st jan and also suggested not to convert any h1b from regular to premium since it is just another 40 days

Sorry for that. We all know its tough time 50-50 chance. No more hopes for us this time. Better luck next year

I also got the same status some time back (15 days back) and today my employer told me your case is approved.

So looks like mostly this means they are sharing result and most of the cases approval notice :).


Mnamdeo, congratulations on the approval. I am in the same boat and i see the same message on USCIS site, fingers crossed its a positive response. May i know if you are a FTE or a contractor when you filed for this? Thanks in advance.

Hello I my case was updated with this status today “Notice Explaining USCIS’ Actions Was Mailed”. I filed H1b ext, replied to RFE for visa copy and education documents. Responded with appropriate proof. I’m confused what to expect from this status. Should I expect more proof? Should I expect denial fo what (proving education (Btech and MS(computers)) and technology certification, working from 2012. Please advise.

Hi Pavan, can you tell more about your case. I have received same status. You said your petition was approved.

Your i94 is valid before your approval?
What documents was asked by uscis?

Hi, you are saying after your employer submit requested documents your case was approved?

I got the same thing in Feb 2018. This means noid. Denial notification.
After a long wait my Visa is rejected. Really depressing,

I am not understanding why my current H1b status got changed to the below as mentioned in the text body couple of days back when it was approved in 2016. Can someone explain me what is this all about and why USCIS is reviewing the applications which were approved long back. And my current H1b extension is in premium process which is in RFE status.
Please explain I am confused.
There has been a recent processing action taken on your case.


Your Case Status: Decision

On May 25, 2019, we completed our review of your Form I129, PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER, and mailed you a notice explaining possible future actions we may take. Please follow any instructions in the notice. If you do not receive your notice by June 8, 2019, please go to to request a copy of the notice. If you move, go to to give us your new mailing address.

During this step the formal decision (approved/denied) is written and the decision notice is mailed and/or emailed to the applicant/petitioner. You can use our current processing time to gauge when you can expect to receive a final decision.

@Vijaykumar1, This is a generic message that is given, when something happened on your case by USCIS online system. Sometimes, the online system is not fully accurate, so I suggest you check with your attorney to see, if they see anything in the mail ( post).

I too got the same status now :frowning: I’m much worried. Any such recent cases to know how this has to be handled ?

Notice Explaining USCIS’ Actions Was Mailed

On September XX, 2019, we began reviewing your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number LINXXXXXXXXXX. We mailed you a notice informing you of the action we intend to take on your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice and submit any requested materials. If you do not receive your notice by September XXX, 2019, contact the USCIS Contact Center at If you move, go to to give us your new mailing address.

@Joy_741963, don’t worry, work with your attorney…do let the community know on the outcome as well.

Can someone update what does it mean by “Notice explaining USCIS action was mailed” ? Any Final status of those notice who has received? Please share experience.