Not selected in lottery. Possible to visit India on OPT if F1 has expired?

So it seems that I was not selected in the H1-B lottery this year. I am on OPT right now which expires January 1st, 2014. I will apply for the STEM extension after that. My F1 visa has already expired in May 2013.

I was wondering if it would be possible for me to go back to India anytime before I apply for the H1b visa next year. I know its difficult since my f1 visa expired and I will be going back just on the OPT status. Please let me know.

You need to have a valid visa in your passport to enter USA (Only OPT card is not enough, it is written on the OPT card itself). You cannot re-enter USA if you leave the country during teh OPT period now as your visa has already expired.

Usually F1 visa are not extended once you graduate from the course.  You can only return back when you have your H1 stamped in your passport, when approved.

As you have applied H1 this year, [b]if approved[/b], you can plan to go back sometime in Sep as your new H1 visa will allow you to enter USA only after Sep 21st. 

Wait patiently, the receipt notices take time to be delivered by USPS mail. Nothing is confirmed unless and until you receive your packet back.

Did you hear back about your H1B this year.

So if H1B is not selected , one can not go back up until Oct next year?

The above is when your F1 visa has already expired when you are currently in OPT only. If F1 visa is valid you can go. When in OPT, usually expired F1 visa will not be extended so you cant get it stamped as you have already graduated.

So there is no way person on OPT with expired F1 visa can travel outside USA until he gets H1b approved.
Mean time he has to stay in USA??

If you want to return to USA, it is in your best interests not to travel. If you travel, you are just risking yourself.