not got LCA confirmation yet even my h1b docs are sent on 8th of May?


My employer has sent h1b docs on 8th of May in regular process but I am yet to be received any reply from them. When I asked for the status then I have been informed that it is under process with US office, is that mean I’m in cap?

Please reply.


yes you are 100%

thank for reply!
But I have not yet received LCA confirmation. Do you think so without getting LCA confirmation they will file petition?
Reply please.


Your LCA would have got certified but there is no need for them to tell you till you go to VISA stamping

Give it a try after few days, check “LCA FY2012_Q2.csv” file at, as of now it has data till March 31, 2012, if the above link does not work, search for “OFLC Case Disclosure Data” at hope it helps